• Septic inspection

    All of the inspectors at Precision Real Estate Inspections are highly trained and educated in their profession of home inspection. We are not afraid to admit however, that we are not trained or educated in the highly skilled field of septic systems.

    In order to offer our customers the same quality inspection we provide for the home inspection on their Septic Inspection, we have teamed with a Professional Septic Company that is Certified and Insured to install, service, and inspect septic tanks. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality inspections available with one call to Precision Real Estate Inspections.  

    The Septic Company will acquire any diagrams and information on the property's septic system from the county, perform an inspection of the visual aspects of the tank and its components, and evaluate the working condition of the system. The Septic Inspection typically takes between one and two hours and you will be provided with a detailed inspection report on the septic system.

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